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Woah, Mama! 60 Best Johnny Bravo Quotes

“Johnny Bravo” is an American animated TV series that follows the adventures and hilarious shenanigans of Johnny Bravo – a muscular, blonde, sunglass-wearing womanizer who lives with his mother. Despite his looks and confident demeanor, Johnny struggles to get a green light from any lady he comes across. However, he does not let these minor obstacles set him back on his quest for love in this comedy series! Stay tuned and keep reading for our collection of best Johnny Bravo quotes 🙂



Originally produced for Cartoon Network, this famous cartoon character is loosely based on Elvis Presley and his style, his haircut, as well as his voice. On his journey to find love, Johnny often finds himself in countless funny, weird predicaments and bizarre situations. As time goes by, he also meets a great deal of celebrities who make cameo appearances on his show – such as Donny Osmond or Adam West, and even other fellow celebrity guest characters such as Scooby Doo, Fred Flintstone and Huckleberry Hound.





With the first episode being aired in 1995, the show continued on for 4 seasons and a total of 67 episodes! And, you guessed it, every single episode contains plenty of smooth and funny Johnny Bravo quotes. The television series centers on Johnny’s silly adventures, overly confident behavior towards women and is full of hilarious Johnny Bravo quotes that exude confidence and, frankly, are great pick up lines!



These Johnny Bravo quotes will give you a few tips on sparking conversation with the ladies, inspire your inner “macho”, make you laugh and give you some awesome conversation starters to add to your collection! If there is one thing that is clear, it’s that Johnny Bravo is THE single smoothest animated character ever made by Cartoon Network Studios, and he is here to share his ways to approach a gorgeous woman.



Armed with his black sunglasses, his favorite shirt, some hair gel and dashing self-confidence – Cartoon Network’s Mister Johnny Bravo is out to get every “hot mama” in his radius. This animated series is a hilarious adult comedy that is full of fancy pick-up lines and pop culture references, as well as Johnny Bravo’s adult humor and unparalleled charisma! Quite frankly, Johnny Bravo is arguably the funniest Cartoon Network title character, and one of the funniest families television series in general! His gelled, blonde hair and motivating goals of pursuing endless romantic conversation with women inspire singles to get themselves out there and spark conversations, however awkward they might be!



Here’s our compilation of 60 best Johnny Bravo quotes and pickup lines! 🙂 Enjoy, you brilliant momma!


60 Best Johnny Bravo Quotes:



#1. It’s a beautiful day. But not as beautiful as me.



#2. I’m pretty, you’re pretty. What do you say we go home and stare at each other?



#3. Baby, you’re beachfront property and I’m the tidal wave of love.





#4. Come and get it, ladies. I’m yours for the takin’.



#5. Man, it must be great being you watching me.



#6. Your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice.





#7. I might be late, honey, but I look good.



#8. Hello, 911 emergency. There’s a handsome guy in my house. Wait a second, cancel that. It’s only me.



#9. Anybody ever tell you, I’m pretty?





#10. Mama warned me about women like you. I was hoping she was right.



#11. I must be a snowflake, because I’ve fallen for you.



#12. Well baby, what’s it like looking at the man of your dreams?





#13. Enough about me. Let’s talk more about me!



#14. I’m too pretty to have bad luck.



#15. Wanna feel my muscles? Only a dime a minute 😉



johnny bravo quotes



#16. If loving me is wrong, you don’t wanna be right.



#17. Hey baby, don’t walk away, you’re headed in the wrong direction. My house is this way!



#18. Hey baby, you look like you’ve got Bravo fever and I’m just what the doctor ordered.






#19. You look like the kind of girl who could use two boyfriends.



#20. Mister, I don’t think you realize who you’re talking to. I’m Johnny Bravo, the one-man army!



#21. Now remember, I do my best work when I’m being worshiped as a god.





#22. Wanna watch my chest hair move in slow motion?



#23. Wanna see me comb my hair, really fast?



#24. Hey baby, can I be your natural selection?



johnny bravo pickup lines



#25. This is not good… for my hair!



#26. My glasses! I can’t be seen without my glasses!



#27. I am sickened… but curious.





#28. A person of much hate in her heart wouldn’t drift towards the service industry



#29. Mama Mia. That’s a spicy meatball.



#30. Could you say that again, cause all I heard was “blah blah blah woman”






#31. Hey, Santa, it’s me, Johnny. Remember I’m the one that beat you up last year ’cause I thought you were a burglar?



#32. No Mama! I’m too old for the tiny pants!!



#33. You know, that just might be crazy enough to work.



johnny bravo quotes and sayings



#34. Get out of my chair and make me some coffee with eight sugars, then throw it out and make it again cause it’s still not sweet enough!



#35. Don’t touch the hair.



#36. Every time I try to fight the power the man slaps me down.



johnny bravo hey mama gif



#37. Huh? I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening



#38. My name is Johnny – a Mister of the Universe. A popular girl like you is going to need some wooing…



#39. I hope this doesn’t go on my permanent record.



 johnny bravo quotes whoa mama



#40. Hey, Foxy Mama. You smell kinda pretty, wanna smell me? Hoohah.



#41. My glasses! I can’t be seen without my glasses!



#42. Sweet. Bring on the Danish chicks and cream soda.



johnny bravo wiki



#43. Hey babearilla, that’s a pretty eensie-weensie, teeny-weenie polka-dot thingy you got going there.



#44. Hey there smart momma, typin’ recipes?



#45. Neighbor kid, help! Witch’s curse shrank me! Cops are chasing me! I live with my mom!





#46. I came, I saw, I broke a hip



#47. Hey baby, I can tell we both love the same thing… Me



#48. Oh, you will pay for this!





#49. I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart.



#50. I’m  a dancer, a romancer, you’re a Capricorn, I’m  a Cancer!



#51. Ehh, e-everyone stay calm… because we’re all doomed!





#52. Great Scott. My pizza-sense is tingling.



#53. I am investigating the disappearance of all the cats in the city… my living room is full of cats… that means…” (pause) “I’m hungry!



#54. Dog… donkey… Well, they both start with the letter “N”..



johnny bravo flirting



#55. Bad baby! Stop defying the laws of physics!



#56. If the fox were Courtney Cox. But since that is not the case, get those cookies away from my face.



#57. Jinkies? Isn’t that a breakfast cereal or something?





#58. [Eating ice cream with a toothache] Chomp, chomp, chomp, AAAUGH! The PAIN! The Horrible PAIN! Mmmm… Creamy! Chomp, Chomp, Chomp, AAAUGH! The PAIN! The stabbing knives of pain! Ooh! It’s got nuts in it!



#59. Whaddaya mean? I got the hamster wheel and the hamster food dispenser. [Looks in the mirror] Oh no! She’s turnin’ me into a beautiful butterfly!



#60. You fiends!



johnny bravo real life



Woah, mama! You just finished reading our list of Johnny Bravo frosted sugar “pearls”. We hope you enjoyed our collection of best Johnny Bravo quotes and sayings! For more Johnny Bravo quotes, check out the Johnny Bravo comic books, his movie “Johnny Bravo Goes To Bollywood”, and his appearances in “Bravo Dooby-Doo” – a crossover episode of Johnny Bravo’s adventures with the cast of Scooby Doo!

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