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Frozen 3 Movie: Here’s What We Know So Far!

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? Especially when it comes to the ongoing adventures of Elsa and Anna? Well, here at Popcorn Time we’ve got you covered. We’re going to take the time machine for another trip through Frozen land with its brave princesses and lovable trolls, and discover what the Frozen 3 movie has in store!



In this article we will first remind you about the beloved “Frozen” movie, revisit everything that happened in the first two movies, and get you caught up on all of your favorite characters from Anna & Elsa’s adventures in Arendelle! We will also share everything we know about Frozen 3 so far, including some possible plots set forth by directors for the Frozen 3 movie.



Let’s revisit our favorite animated story about two extraordinary sisters, their friendship, love and even betrayal. And let’s remember the funny yet wise little snowman who always lifted the mood and offered hilarious quotes and insightful advice. Let’s reminisce on the love story between Anna and Kristoff! So sit back and let’s remember this wonderful movie, brought to us by our favorite Walt Disney Studio, and learn everything there is to know about the Frozen 3 movie!





So, what happened in Frozen I?


Let’s start with the first movie. The first part introduces Elsa and Anna, who are two sisters who loved spending time together, especially in the winter. However, Elsa (the older sister) is a special child and a girl with the gift of snow and ice. One evening, while the sisters were playing around, they got very excited and Elsa could not contain her power and accidentally hurt Anna. After that, the parents decided that Elsa’s powers are too dangerous and pose a serious threat to others, so it was decided to lock Elsa in a room to prevent any further harm to others. And so, Elsa grows up in isolation and sadness. 





After a few years, unfortunately, their parents died in a shipwreck, leaving Elsa to become the queen of Arendelle. At this point, Elsa barely spoke to Anna – and the distance between them kept growing. At Elsa’s coronation, Anna met a man who seemed to be checking all of her boxes, Prince Hans – and almost immediately fell in love. Frankly, we can’t blame her – it truly did seem like a match made in heaven. Anna and Hans decided to get married, and brought it to Elsa’s attention. However, Elsa could not bear to listen to her sister talking about marriage to a stranger and snapped. Her icy power came out again, in full force, which unleashed a permanent winter on Arendelle. Scared of her own power, Elsa decided to run away to the mountains, so that her powers couldn’t hurt the people she loved the most. 





On a remote mountain, Elsa built an ice castle, where she finally found peace there once she understood that she would not harm anyone in there. The younger princess Anna went in search of her sister, together with her friend Kristoff and his reindeer-friend Sven. The journey to saving Elsa was both dangerous and unforgettable! When they finally found Elsa, her powers got out of control and yet again accidentally hurt Anna. In an attempt to save Anna, Kristoff takes the young princess back to Arendelle, where Hans’s “true love’s kiss” will supposedly heal Anna.





However, in a sudden plot twist it is revealed that Hans does not intend on helping Anna, and instead was planning on eliminating both princesses and seizing the throne for himself. When Hans attempts to kill Elsa, Anna steps in and stops his sword, completely freezing. Completely devastated, Elsa hugs Anna and starts to cry, which thaws her sister and brings her back to life. Now, having discovered that the key to her powers is love, Elsa ends the winter in Arendelle (and sends Hans to exile). Kristoff and Anna reunite in a kiss, and Elsa steps in as the rightful queen of Arendelle. 



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What’s going on in Frozen 2?  




The sequel, Frozen II,  is no less interesting than the first movie. After everything the sisters have been through in the first part of their adventures, Elsa and Anna finally begin to live a happy life together. Elsa became the rightful queen of Arendelle, and we must say – she’s pretty damn good at it! Everything seems just perfect, until a point when Elsa begins to hear a strange voice, which seems to be calling out to Elsa and asking for help. However, shortly after the appearance of the mysterious voice, Arendelle is also visited by elemental spirits that begin destroying the capital. A lot of people are forced to flee, and of course, Elsa hurries to investigate and restore her city. Her sister, Anna, did not want to lose Elsa again so they all gathered to search for the source of the strange voice as a team: Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and the reindeer Sven. 


While the group is on a quest to discover the secrets of their past, we do not forget about the wonderful romantic plot between Kristoff and Anna. Throughout the whole movie, we watch Kristoff frantically looking for the right place and time to propose, but he just could not get his act together!




At the beginning of the movie, we are taken back in time (Anna’s and Elsa’s childhood) and we learn that when their grandfather was alive, they had a conflict with a tribe of northerners. While Elsa and her friends are travelling through the Enchanted Forest in search of answers, Elsa tames various elemental spirits – like the spirit of water, air, fire and earth. But after the friendly crew meet the northerners and help them escape the tornado, they learn there is a fifth spirit that binds every other spirit together, and Elsa later finds out that she is the fifth spirit. 





Now, Elsa realizes that it is her destiny to rule the Enchanted Forest and maintain the balance of the five elemental spirits. Anna, in the meantime, stays in Arendelle and becomes the new queen! And the best part is… Kristoff finally gathered the courage to propose to Anna! So, now we are getting closer to Frozen 3… We don’t know about you, but we are just ecstatic to find out where their marriage takes them, our favorite couple – Anna and Kristoff, in the Frozen 3 movie!






What do we know about the Frozen 3 movie? 



So, when it comes to “Frozen 3” – there’s good news and bad news. Let’s start with the bad  news first. The possible release date of the Frozen 3 movie is not exactly known but it could be either 2024 or 2025! Here’s the deal: unfortunately, the third movie is not yet confirmed. However, this is no reason to get discouraged yet! After all, just because it is not confirmed yet, it doesn’t mean that it will never happen. For example, there were 6 years between the first and the second Frozen movie. Frozen I came out in 2013, when Frozen II hit the screens in 2019 – so there is still plenty of time for the studio to announce the Frozen 3 movie!


Considering the colossal amount of effort that goes into producing such an animated masterpiece (as seen on the “Into the Unknown” documentary on Disney+), it comes as no surprise that the production of Frozen 3 would take at least several years. 


We mean, it hasn’t been a long wait for Frozen 3 so far. But hopefully Disney starts talking about it in the near future and then we’ll have an idea of when they’re going to release this next sequel!



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What will be the plot of Frozen 3?


For now, we could only speculate. The third movie would probably be a sequel, however, it is possible that the producers would take a different route – and want to explore what happened before Elsa’s and Anna’s reign, making Frozen 3 into a prequel. Honestly, we’re on board with anything that they might come up with. 


Who knows, perhaps this time around we will even get to see Elsa’s romantic interest? There has been speculation that Elsa might get a girlfriend in the Frozen 3 movie, which caused a lot of excitement in the LGBT community. Understandably so! However, unfortunately, nothing is confirmed yet. Though, taking in account that a version of the “Frozen” movie has been in the works at Disney Studios since the 1930’s, we can hope that the creators have enough ideas to fuel not only a Frozen 3 sequel, but maybe a Frozen 4 and even a Frozen 5 movie!


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Who will be starring in Frozen 3?


And of course, it wouldn’t be a Frozen movie without Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa and Josh Gad as Olaf – so we do not doubt that it’s only natural that they would all return for another round. This time around Jonathan Groff would also reprise his role of Kristoff (and Sven, our favorite reindeer).


Even though Frozen 3 has not been announced yet, we do know that once the Studio announces the production of this sequel, it would take about 2-3 years to produce the movie – after all, a masterpiece such as Frozen 3 takes time. 

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