60+ Best Howl’s Moving Castle Quotes

Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the most popular anime movies to date, and for good reason! It has a story that will make you laugh and cry, characters that are bursting with personality, an immersive world to explore. Howl’s Moving Castle quotes will inspire and move you, while the beautiful Studio Ghibli animation will […]

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20 Best Movies To Fall Asleep To

If you’re anything like us, you most likely have a collection of your favorite movies to fall asleep to. There is just something so comforting in falling asleep to the sounds of a good movie, and being gently soothed with the voices of your favorite characters in the background.    Plus, sleeping is hard to […]

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Frozen 3 Movie: Here’s What We Know So Far!

Who doesn’t love a good Disney movie? Especially when it comes to the ongoing adventures of Elsa and Anna? Well, here at Popcorn Time we’ve got you covered. We’re going to take the time machine for another trip through Frozen land with its brave princesses and lovable trolls, and discover what the Frozen 3 movie […]

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190 Best Harry Potter Quotes [Ultimate Collection]

Looking for the best Harry Potter quotes? Look no further! This classic series, loved by millions of people for over 20 years, is full of share-worthy quotes. For your convenience, we’ve compiled the best Harry Potter quotes from every movie right here!   The Harry Potter series of books and movies have been a worldwide […]

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Woah, Mama! 60 Best Johnny Bravo Quotes

“Johnny Bravo” is an American animated TV series that follows the adventures and hilarious shenanigans of Johnny Bravo – a muscular, blonde, sunglass-wearing womanizer who lives with his mother. Despite his looks and confident demeanor, Johnny struggles to get a green light from any lady he comes across. However, he does not let these minor […]

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50 Best “Wolf of Wall Street” Quotes

“Wolf of Wall Street” is yet another one of Martin Scorsese’s epic crime masterpieces, which hit the big screen in 2013. This unbelievable true story is a biographical film based on the 2007 Jordan Belfort‘s memoir: a former stockbroker and convicted felon, owner of the Stratton Oakmont brokerage house, who pled guilty to various criminal […]